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So do I really need a second photographer?

July 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

There are so many decisions when planning your wedding! Now I know I may I'm probably not impartial on the subject of wedding photography, but I truly think it's one of the most important decisions. (OK, so who you are going to marry is probably more important ;-P)  Many brides are faced with the decision do I really want or need a second photographer? What's the difference between an assistant and a second shooter? 

Well if you are going with Cherryville Photography it's an easy decision to make, I feel it's so important that every wedding I shoot has a second photographer included complimentary. Weddings are so filled with emotion and joy and I would never want to dictate how your wedding should play out. This is why I always want one of my other skilled photographers to be there to catch those moments that are happening while I'm capturing something else.

This amazing image was captured by Elisa, one of my awesome photographers just before the bride and groom were about to exit the church. This wasn't posed or directed; this was life as it happened. You could never again go back and recreate the moment he bent down to kiss his sweet bride just before all their friends and family were about to greet them for the first time as man and wife. 

silhouette kisssilhouette kiss


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