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Cherryville Photography is a boutique photography studio that works tirelessly to ensure your wedding day and wedding pictures are everything you have dreamed of. We are humbled to have such amazing artists who share the same style and philosophy consistently giving our brides the amazing images you have come to expect of us. We have three head photographers who work along with the owner and a loyal team of second shooters to give our couples the very best.

Meet the team! 

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Elisa has an amazing attitude and just exudes joy for your day. Everyone from clients to venues love working with her and her work has been featured on and NJ Bride. Her background in event planning makes her wedding day skills something to be seen. Not only will you love how she helps to make your wedding day go smoother than you imagined possible, but she'll make it fun! Time and time again we hear "I'm just not good in front of a camera", that is until they work with Elisa. 

Photography isn’t just a job for Sandra, it’s a way of life. Graduating with a degree in art from Montclair, she is classically trained in photography and basically eats, breathes, and sleeps in pictures. The world is her canvas and she is able to bring out the most amazing feeling, emotion, and joy with her clients. Her love of life and art makes her one of the most fun people to work with; you will feel like you’ve probably known her forever and just so happy to have her with you on your day.

Detsy was born in Venezuela and has always had a passion for art. After moving to Egypt and being inspired by the amazing landscapes she began to hone and perfect her skills. We are so happy she finally made her way to the US and joined our Cherryville family. You simply cannot help but her to feel her zest for life and be inspired by her infectious laugh. She sees the beauty in everything and relates that emotion back into her images. Detsy make her couples feel so comfortable that taking pictures is a blast!

  Deanna started Cherryville Photography with a dream of giving people tangible memories of the day they promised themselves to the loves of their lives. Fifteen years later she is filled with awe by all the couple's lives Cherryville has touched.   

About Cherryville Photography:

After almost 15 years of professionally photographing weddings we still get butterflies when we see our brides walk down the isle.  We truly feel blessed that it's our job to give people memories they will share with their grandchildren.  After all is said and done, it is your album that your family will pick up and flip through 25 years from now and marvel at how beautiful it all was.

Having an actual full time studio lets us devote the time your images deserve.  We have your completed images ready for you in about 2 weeks because we know you don't want to wait to see them. (Within a day for portrait clients.)  This means when you come home from your honeymoon your wedding pictures are already waiting for you.

We know how frustrating it can be waiting for vendors to respond to you and that important questions can come up at anytime which is why we make sure to be available for my clients.  

Because no one method of contact is perfect for everyone we're available to meet at our studio offices located on Main Street in Clinton, NJ, by phone (908-208-2052), email, or even FaceTime and Skype.


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